Monday, April 1, 2013

Updates and Such

So, I really haven't done much of anything lately... It's only felt like I am just now waking up after the long nightmare that's been the 7 months since my Fathers death. Things have been hard, and those were even complicated last month with the loss of an aunt after her long fight with cancer.

But, things are turning, not just the seasons (yay spring!) but my mood and disposition as well. I've been modeling some over the last few months. I'm down to the clean and prep of the last 4 models for my Galadhrim Warhost for the Hobbit SBG. I've also been working on army lists for both my Dark Angels and my Chaos Space Marines army. When I have this many Dark Vengeance kits, it would be dumb not to utilize the Chaos as well. I've ordered the last bits I needed for the Dark Angels list I was working on, as well as the few model kits I needed to flesh the Chaos into an actual fighting force. I'll try to get some pictures done at some point, the motivation is still a work in progress for me haha!

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