Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fully Magnetized Manticore

So, I started on my friends Manticore. I said I could fully magnetize it and I have... The tails were not easy to do, but I got it to work quite well... I dont think I'll do it again though...

I still have some more work to do, but the initial build is complete. Waiting on glue to dry before final assembly.

Here are the pics:

Buildup of Greenstuff to form gluepoint for magnet

shot of both torso halves before final gluing.
Superglue added to GS to glue to other side

Tail cavity and both tails.

Attachment of Right Leg

Attachment of Left Leg

Attachment of Right Arm

Attachment of Left Arm

Placement of Head Magnets

Flailing Around

I recently joined the Slow Grow League that is taking place at the Game Vault in Fredericksburg. I missed the first 15pt bracket but I am joining in during the 25pt bracket. How a Slow Grow league works is you start off with a small force, usually just a battlebox and another unit or two to bring total to 15 points. There will be a few weeks where you play games at this point total and it will eventually culminate with a tournament to finish off the bracket. After that the point totals increase to 25 points then 35 points and finally 50 points. Now, your initial list stays the same. You can only add to it, you cant change it around. This is a great way for new people to join the game or to get into a new faction. Since this is the first time I'll be playing MKII, I thought it would be a good idea. It also means I have to paint the army... Which... I'm not good at getting done... So having the extra motivation would also help me.

This is my list. I'm playing Menoth again and this time with pKreoss. I wanted to keep it small so I went with mostly plastic units.


Choir (min unit)
Exemplar Bastions (full unit)
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth

Anyway, here are some of the pics I took today. I magnetized both the heavy jacks, they can use all the arms and weapons. I still havent magnetized the heads yet...

Slow, Work in Progress

This is something I am working on. A fully magnatized Predator.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Old Man Withers

I was hoping for teh awesome and that isnt what I got...

Trimming the guy down went far better than I expected and from the chest up, he looks kick ass... I need new legs for him badly...

Big Head Tod

I think this is going to be my Chaos Sorcerer Lord on foot

Some Assembly Aquired

I've taken on a few assembly projects to keep myself busy and to change things up from all the Rhinos I myself have to put together. After putting together my own Chaos Lord on Manticore, I wanted to do another one; luckily my friend hadnt yet assembled his. I've also got his Chimera kit as well.

Speaking of which, here is said Chimera! All told it's taken me about 4 hours or so to assemble. Its a much simpler kit than the Manticore, being only the one sprue. Unfortunately it only comes with the one tail option (Fiend Tail), despite the two options available in Storm of Magic... Can't wait to see how my friend paints it.

Subassemblies! only 11 once they are all together.

Step 1: Torso

Step 2: Left Arm
Step 3: Right Arm

Step 4: Dragon Head

Step 5: Left Head
Step 6: Right head

Step 7: Right Leg
Step 8: Left Leg

Step 9: Slottabase?! WTF?!
Step 10: Right Wing
Step 11: Left Wing

With the right glue, the wings blend right into the body nicely
Step 12: Tail
Wish I had attached this before legs as it is a tight fit

I'm a Monster! RAWR!

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Toy!

First off I built this Whirlwind Turret over the past week.

That was just exercise for today. I bought the new Chaos Lord on Manticore model. Holy crap is it awesome! Most GW kits give you a lot of options but you can only build it one way because most of the options use a lot of the same parts... Which kind of sucks... But this is not the case with the Manticore kit. You have two choices of tails and two choices in heads (one for mounted, one unmounted). Each head is made up of 8 peices. These heads dont share parts, you can completely build each head. Yeah, most people would just glue the head they wanted to the body and be done with it. But for the advanced modeler this is a godsend. I get two complete models for the price of one through Magnetization. This is my plan. I'm gonna pack greenstuff into the tail hole to support a magnet for the tails and the head sections are already studded/socketed and with minor drilling, I'll be able to place magnets really easily.


Heads or Tails!

The stud and socket for the head attachments

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Space Marines

I've played Warhammer 40k longer than any other miniatures game. Since about 1990 or so. I've always played Space Marines. I've never had a fully playable army (let alone painted) during that whole time. I few years ago, I decided to change that. I wrote up a decent all-comers list for 1750 points and bought everything I needed. I got it all assembled and it has sat on my shelf since... This weekend will be my first 40k game since 3rd edition and my first game of 5e. This is my army (the two dreads bring total to 2000pts):

Group Closeups


 My 3 Sargeants (all named Dick)

Closeups (notice the scratch Combi-Flamer)

Veteran Troopers

Specialists (Flamer, Meltagun, Plasma Gun)

Heavy Weapons (2 Multimeltas, Plasma Cannon)

Tactical Squad Group Shot

Scratch Librarian (proxy for Vulkan)