Friday, July 22, 2011

New Toy!

First off I built this Whirlwind Turret over the past week.

That was just exercise for today. I bought the new Chaos Lord on Manticore model. Holy crap is it awesome! Most GW kits give you a lot of options but you can only build it one way because most of the options use a lot of the same parts... Which kind of sucks... But this is not the case with the Manticore kit. You have two choices of tails and two choices in heads (one for mounted, one unmounted). Each head is made up of 8 peices. These heads dont share parts, you can completely build each head. Yeah, most people would just glue the head they wanted to the body and be done with it. But for the advanced modeler this is a godsend. I get two complete models for the price of one through Magnetization. This is my plan. I'm gonna pack greenstuff into the tail hole to support a magnet for the tails and the head sections are already studded/socketed and with minor drilling, I'll be able to place magnets really easily.


Heads or Tails!

The stud and socket for the head attachments

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Space Marines

I've played Warhammer 40k longer than any other miniatures game. Since about 1990 or so. I've always played Space Marines. I've never had a fully playable army (let alone painted) during that whole time. I few years ago, I decided to change that. I wrote up a decent all-comers list for 1750 points and bought everything I needed. I got it all assembled and it has sat on my shelf since... This weekend will be my first 40k game since 3rd edition and my first game of 5e. This is my army (the two dreads bring total to 2000pts):

Group Closeups


 My 3 Sargeants (all named Dick)

Closeups (notice the scratch Combi-Flamer)

Veteran Troopers

Specialists (Flamer, Meltagun, Plasma Gun)

Heavy Weapons (2 Multimeltas, Plasma Cannon)

Tactical Squad Group Shot

Scratch Librarian (proxy for Vulkan)

New Project

I got into Dystopian Wars...

Damn them for coming out with a Victorian Steampunk miniatures game...

Who told Spartan Games that was the one genre that I was weak against...

Here is my Prussian Fleet

FSA Fleet