Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm on a Boat!

I've started blocking in some color.

I decided to paint the Dreadnaught first as it is the largest model in the fleet. I'll be using this as a guide for the rest of the project.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's not easy being Green

The Frog said it best.

Fleet is primed in Army Painter Army Green.

The Galadhrim are primed in Army Painter Angel Green.

Think they came out a bit darker than I wanted

Long Winters Prep

Spent the last few days getting more stuff ready to be primed. Want to get as much priming done as I can before the weather turns on me for good (until spring). Spent a good deal of the time washing minis. Here is what I've got so far:

This is the Federated States of America fleet for Dystopian Wars. This is roughly 2500 points.

I also worked on getting my Galadhrim Warhost done. I had the 4 in Finecast left to do... My hatred of Finecast kept me from working on them for quite some time... But they are completely done now!

And yes, I glued the shields to some plastic sticks for ease of painting them.

I think next I need to work on getting more of my Warriors of Chaos primed. It is such a large undertaking that I am kind of avoiding it... I'm probably going to work on them this week however. I got some more commission work coming my way, so I have some motivation in getting the Warriors done before I start those projects.

Oh, and I am slowly working on painting the CSM Chaos Lord. I should have a picture up in a few days.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A long time coming. I finished a miniature!

While it doesn't seem like much, it actually is! I've not completed a mini is probably 15 years. This is my first fully painted mini in a long time and I am quite proud of that fact. I'm not the best painter, and it does look a lot better in person; but I am quite proud of this.

Behold! My Chaos Sorcerer of my Crimson Slaughter Warband!

All he needs is a name now... and some sealer...

Oh, and I've started on the Chaos Lord next.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Chaos Color Test series 2

I started blocking in some colors. I've already done two passes of highlighting the red, I've not done final highlight with an orange yet however. I don't think the pictures are showing the highlights all that well as they are pretty light highlighting.

What do you think?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Shock and Awe!

I am shocked I got this far

Other than the one remaining converted CSM squad with Meltaguns, this is all of my Crimson Slaughter Warband now primed. I've used Army Painter Dragon Red Primer.

This is the Warband as it stands:

Chaos Lord
Chaos Sorcerer
Chosen x5
Chosen x5
Raptors x5
CSM x10
CSM x10 (still building)
Cultists w/Autoguns x20
Cultists x10
Cultists x10
Cultists x9

I am a bit annoyed... I seem to have lost a Cultist... One of the Melee Cultists...

Now, I just need to figure out a way to convert the many Chosen I have left over into Havocs... hmmm.....

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First 3 Cultists nearly done

So, I think I am pretty happy with these fellows, and I am considering calling them done. Other than the base of course. Please take a look and offer any advice or criticism they might warrant. I've not done any painting in a long time and I can pretty much say, these are the first I've done to a mostly completed state in a very long time.

This will be a unit of 20 Chaos Cultists of Nurgle. They are meant to take and hold the closest Objective. All I am going for is tabletop quality, and trying to keep it as simple a scheme as possible since I have 20 of these fellows, and another 30 Cultists to paint as well.

Please be honest, so I can get them done. My biggest request is advice on basing these guys. I guess I need to decide on a theme for basing for the entire army to tie them all together. Thoughts?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Painting Cultists

I took these pictures a while ago. I am just now getting around to posting them here. I'd taken them to send to a friend for advice on color. I've not yet taken pictures with said advice implemented... I just wanted to show where I stand and give an idea of the direction I am going. If I can get my sisters camera again, I'll take pictures of the nearly completed models.

Comments? Any advice would be appreciated