Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First 3 Cultists nearly done

So, I think I am pretty happy with these fellows, and I am considering calling them done. Other than the base of course. Please take a look and offer any advice or criticism they might warrant. I've not done any painting in a long time and I can pretty much say, these are the first I've done to a mostly completed state in a very long time.

This will be a unit of 20 Chaos Cultists of Nurgle. They are meant to take and hold the closest Objective. All I am going for is tabletop quality, and trying to keep it as simple a scheme as possible since I have 20 of these fellows, and another 30 Cultists to paint as well.

Please be honest, so I can get them done. My biggest request is advice on basing these guys. I guess I need to decide on a theme for basing for the entire army to tie them all together. Thoughts?


  1. "ALL your bases are belong to us"

    That being said Think sand. I would go with greys. It's hard to go wrong with Grey. at least three layers (I like to go 5 including the base color frequently black.) The models are dark so make the base contrast that. it will be more interesting that way.

    If you decide to add flock use it sparingly and make it look sparse as if it's trying to come back but not quite there yet. I suggest burnt grass from GW or an equivalent.

    Also add some larger rocks to each base and despite your issue with variation put them in different places on the base. it will add variety and break up the lines better.

    Hope it helps


  2. Deciding on a base theme for the whole army is a great start. If you want these guys to 'pop' a little, you might think about sandy colors or light concrete (if you are going urban) A little static grass goes a long way too. Like the General Hunter said.. you could add a little something (skull, larger rock, detris,debris,body parts,small animals...well maybe not them, etc) to break up the "sameness" of the models. I do that with my cultists - love the models, but there are limited poses.

  3. Grey urban colors sounds good as they look more of an urban cultist squads for some reason. Concrete colors are another good approach as well. Another idea is a dead ash covered wasteland or even a mix of grey and sand if it can be done.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    I was thinking of an urban base scheme actually. paint the base top grey, dry brush some lighter grey and then add some debris/static grass or something.