Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Long Winters Prep

Spent the last few days getting more stuff ready to be primed. Want to get as much priming done as I can before the weather turns on me for good (until spring). Spent a good deal of the time washing minis. Here is what I've got so far:

This is the Federated States of America fleet for Dystopian Wars. This is roughly 2500 points.

I also worked on getting my Galadhrim Warhost done. I had the 4 in Finecast left to do... My hatred of Finecast kept me from working on them for quite some time... But they are completely done now!

And yes, I glued the shields to some plastic sticks for ease of painting them.

I think next I need to work on getting more of my Warriors of Chaos primed. It is such a large undertaking that I am kind of avoiding it... I'm probably going to work on them this week however. I got some more commission work coming my way, so I have some motivation in getting the Warriors done before I start those projects.

Oh, and I am slowly working on painting the CSM Chaos Lord. I should have a picture up in a few days.

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