Sunday, August 29, 2010

Progress Update

No pictures yet, this is just a progress update.

The defiler legs are now here and I am in the process of cleaning and gluing them together. Once done I will begin work on the Walking Hellcannon of Dhoom!

Along with the legs I also bitz ordered the Chaos Warrior and Champion bodies I needed to build my Warshrine and to finish off the other Sorcerer and Exalted Hero on foot. I'll be working on the Warshrine soon too.

Before I do any of that though I'm going to spend this week and finish off the Warriors with Halberds and finish the Warhounds as well.

Also... Horned Defiler helm + Chaos Ogre with Great Weapon = liquid awesome...

8/30/2010: Update of the update. I have the Warhounds done and another rank of Halberds too. This leaves 6 more Halberds to clean up and glue on. yay! I also started cleaning the Warriors for the Warshrine.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Souls go in where?!

Here is some more work on my Hellcannon. I had to actually make the barrel tube myself as I could not find something the right diameter... I took a piece of .5mm styrene sheet and cut it to length (70mm). I wanted a tube 20mm in diameter so that needed 60mm wide. I drilled a whole through two 2x4 blocks the size I needed and clamped them together to form the mold. I boiled some water and put the sheet into it to soften. A few minutes later I pulled it out and slipped the now softened sheet into the mold with the edges perfectly aligned. I inserted an old syringe that was just small enough to tightly hold the styrene against the wood. I then ran cold water through it to set the shape. after about an hour of drying time I then removed the syringe and checked the seam (which was perfect surprisingly enough). I then cut a thin strip of the same .5mm styrene and glued it along the seam to strengthen it. the strip was 4mm wide. I put the syringe back in to hold it tight and let it dry for 4 hours. By the time it was dry the tube was now too tight to remove the syringe... Luckily I only needed the one tube lol!

Showing the barrel with the supporting strips
added a collar

Breach is from an Ogre belly plate.
Drilled and cut out the mouth

Hard to see, added greenstuff behind to form gullet
looks more like an anus...

Added some of the left over greenstuff to form some

Started on a mockup of the carriage. I'm not sure if its going to work... I dont think I have a good idea of how to build it actually... Thoughts/Oppinions?


3/4 back/side

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm a Cannon, Rawr!

While browsing a forum I found inspiration for my Hellcannon (barrell at least).

the Maw

3/4 view

Side with Comparison

On a Chariot Base

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Army Progress

This is a group shot of what I currently have done (mostly...). I still need to get the Warhounds done and the rest of the Halberds trimmed of flash and glued to the warriors.

Group Shot


Right Flank

Left Flank
Classic Wolves

Honour Guard

Here are a few of my Halberdiers I've got done so far.

Unit Champion using a Knights lance as a Halberd.

Front Rank Halberdiers

the metal Warrior Halberds aren't that bad looking

Lord of the Flies


The Lord of the Flies marches unto War!

Front View


with Sorcerer

comparison with Warrior

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A thought forms...

I started this last night. Just barely held together with glue to pose it. Will be my Lord on foot.

 Size comparison

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It begins...

This is the core of my army

minus 1 warrior unit, which will be done by Friday.

I've got movement!

I can't lock it down!

Well, I can actually and I did.


Over on Warseer I's asked a question about movement trays and they asked me to post a tutorial on how I was going to make mine. So I've done just that. Here we go.

Movement trays are pretty simple to make. I use 2mm thick sheet Styrene. It's probably a bit thicker than I need but I want to be sure they are sturdy enough that there wont be any messups when I'm moving my units around.

Cut your styrene to the desired size. Make sure you add 4mm to each side to account for the trimming.

For trim I use 2mm by 4mm strips. You can buy them from your local hobby shop.

Start with the front facing first. tack one end down with glue and then slowly work your way to the other end. You want to make sure the 2mm side is glued to the top of the tray bottom. Once you have the front done, do a side.

Then the other side. I only do 3 sides though you can do all 4 if you want. Just make sure that the side fit within the front and back strips.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Trim even and you are good to go! Thats it!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Awash in Baby Oil...

Ok... Here is the first completed unit of Bears... err.... Marauders... I am so tempted to paint them up like Mr Slave...

My unit Champion. uses a helmet and axe from the plastic Warriors. Death Dealer inspired. Looking back I wish I had done all of them like this... It really looks awesome.

The unit itself

A sign of things to come! 12x5 Horde of 60! Still have 18 more to build to finish second unit