Friday, August 20, 2010

Souls go in where?!

Here is some more work on my Hellcannon. I had to actually make the barrel tube myself as I could not find something the right diameter... I took a piece of .5mm styrene sheet and cut it to length (70mm). I wanted a tube 20mm in diameter so that needed 60mm wide. I drilled a whole through two 2x4 blocks the size I needed and clamped them together to form the mold. I boiled some water and put the sheet into it to soften. A few minutes later I pulled it out and slipped the now softened sheet into the mold with the edges perfectly aligned. I inserted an old syringe that was just small enough to tightly hold the styrene against the wood. I then ran cold water through it to set the shape. after about an hour of drying time I then removed the syringe and checked the seam (which was perfect surprisingly enough). I then cut a thin strip of the same .5mm styrene and glued it along the seam to strengthen it. the strip was 4mm wide. I put the syringe back in to hold it tight and let it dry for 4 hours. By the time it was dry the tube was now too tight to remove the syringe... Luckily I only needed the one tube lol!

Showing the barrel with the supporting strips
added a collar

Breach is from an Ogre belly plate.
Drilled and cut out the mouth

Hard to see, added greenstuff behind to form gullet
looks more like an anus...

Added some of the left over greenstuff to form some

Started on a mockup of the carriage. I'm not sure if its going to work... I dont think I have a good idea of how to build it actually... Thoughts/Oppinions?


3/4 back/side



    I may get you to build my crap!!!

  2. Souls go in the arshole like some kinda Bubbahotep!