Monday, November 8, 2010

Whats done and Whats left

Went through by WoC army to see what is done and what still needs to be finished.

Here is the list of what is assembled:

1 Chaos Lord on foot (done)
1 Chaos Sorcerer on foot (done)
1 Exalted Hero BSB on foot (done)

2 units of Chaos Warriors (x18) w/ HW and Shield (done)
1 unit of Chaos Warriors (x18) w/ Halberd and Shield (done)
2 units of Chaos Marauders (x30) w/ HW and Shield (done)
3 units of Chaos Warhounds (x10) (done)
1 unit of Chaos Knights (x10) (done)

Left to Build:

1 unit of Chaos Ogres (x6) w/ Chaos Armor and Great Weapons
1 unit of Chaos Ogres (x6) w/ Chaos Armor and Extra Hand Weapons
1 Chaos Warshrine
1 Chaos Hellcannon walker

The only other thing at this time I want to add is a suitible Sorcerer Lord on foot, an Exalted Hero on foot, maybe a few mounted Lords or Heroes as well. The only other unit I can think to add is the final Marauders unit...

1 unit of Chaos Marauders (x30) w/ Light Armor, Great Weapons, Mark of Khorne

This unit will be made from the new Bestigors kits and will represent Nurgle Marauders... with Rabies! They should look pretty awesome on the field.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I spent the other day avoiding studying for my midterms by working on this one Ogre. It will be the musician for the unit and uses the Screaming Demon Defiler mask. I took a couple of pictures this morning. I still need to add some more GS to the neck to flesh it out and make it more necklike. What do you think?

3way Comparison shot. Left to Right:
Normal Head, Masked Head and Screaming Demon

Side View of Masked and Screaming Demon

Front View
Mouth and hand are lined up pretty nicely

Side View

Neck Detail1

Neck Detail2

Throat Detail1

Throat Detail2

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If you hate them, join them...

So, with my purchase of Island of Blood this weekend I am going to have some new minis on hand... Mainly in the form of Skaven... Skaven is the only army I have ever truly hated about WFB.... That hatred goes all the way back to 4th Edition... So why not make an army of them myself... And that is what I plan to do.

Right now I am just getting 1 IoB box but the plan has always been to get several (2 for now, eventually I'd want 5 of them). 2 sets will give me:

2 Chieftains
2 Warlock Engineers
80 Clanrats
4 Rat Ogres
2 Packmasters
4 Weapon Teams

With that in mind I think by adding 1 Stormvermin box, 1 Screaming Bell and a Doomwheel kit I could have myself a rather effective 2000+ point Skaven army. This is what I've worked out so far (sans magic items):


Grey Seer 440
-Screaming Bell


Chieftain 49

Chieftain 74

Warlock Engineer 108
-L2 Wizard
-Warplock Pistol

Warlock Engineer 108
-L2 Wizard
-Warplock Pistol


20 Stormvermin 255
-Full Command
-Warpfire Thrower

20 Clanrats 175
-Full Command
-Poisoned Wind Mortar

20 Clanrats 175
-Full Command
-Poisoned Wind Mortar

40 Clanrats 290
-Full Command
-Warpfire Thrower


4 Rat Ogres 176
-2 Packmasters


Doomwheel 150

Lords 440
Heroes 339
Core 895
Special 176
Rare 150

Total: 2000pts

What do you think?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Not much of nothing...

So, haven't posted anything in a while. School is in full swing again so its eating up a lot of my time.

I just got my School Money so I have made a few purchases. I got the other box of Ironguts to finish off the unit of Chaos Ogres with Great Weapons. I then ordered 6 Bull bodies from The War Store to go with all these extra arms left over from the Ironguts. This will give me 2 units of 6 Chaos Ogres; one unit with Great Weapons and the other with 2 Hand Weapons. That will add some major hitty power to my army I'm sure.

I'll be picking up this weekend a copy of Isle of Blood. Mainly for the rules right now as I really need to get them on hand to read... much easier to read... I'm going to have to make a concerted effort to NOT touch the models in it... I want to finish my Warriors of Chaos first...

Ongoing projects... The Warshrine has been on hold because I've not had a base for it... I'll be picking one up this weekend hopefully. Once in hand I can working on that... It should look pretty nifty at least... need to find a bell of some kind though...

And the ambitious Hellcannon Walker project... It is on hold due to creative overreaching... I'm not cancelling the project... I just need to rethink it... I've got the 4 defiler legs assembled. The massive 90mm x 100mm base (2 Chariot bases fused together) assembled and the main cannon built... I just cant figure out how it all goes together now...

For my Birthday I got some Malifaux minis. the Criid box, Criids Totem, plus a Fate Deck and a blister of Guild Guard. Not really assembled them but they are on their bases.

Well, thats it for now.