Monday, November 8, 2010

Whats done and Whats left

Went through by WoC army to see what is done and what still needs to be finished.

Here is the list of what is assembled:

1 Chaos Lord on foot (done)
1 Chaos Sorcerer on foot (done)
1 Exalted Hero BSB on foot (done)

2 units of Chaos Warriors (x18) w/ HW and Shield (done)
1 unit of Chaos Warriors (x18) w/ Halberd and Shield (done)
2 units of Chaos Marauders (x30) w/ HW and Shield (done)
3 units of Chaos Warhounds (x10) (done)
1 unit of Chaos Knights (x10) (done)

Left to Build:

1 unit of Chaos Ogres (x6) w/ Chaos Armor and Great Weapons
1 unit of Chaos Ogres (x6) w/ Chaos Armor and Extra Hand Weapons
1 Chaos Warshrine
1 Chaos Hellcannon walker

The only other thing at this time I want to add is a suitible Sorcerer Lord on foot, an Exalted Hero on foot, maybe a few mounted Lords or Heroes as well. The only other unit I can think to add is the final Marauders unit...

1 unit of Chaos Marauders (x30) w/ Light Armor, Great Weapons, Mark of Khorne

This unit will be made from the new Bestigors kits and will represent Nurgle Marauders... with Rabies! They should look pretty awesome on the field.

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