Sunday, August 29, 2010

Progress Update

No pictures yet, this is just a progress update.

The defiler legs are now here and I am in the process of cleaning and gluing them together. Once done I will begin work on the Walking Hellcannon of Dhoom!

Along with the legs I also bitz ordered the Chaos Warrior and Champion bodies I needed to build my Warshrine and to finish off the other Sorcerer and Exalted Hero on foot. I'll be working on the Warshrine soon too.

Before I do any of that though I'm going to spend this week and finish off the Warriors with Halberds and finish the Warhounds as well.

Also... Horned Defiler helm + Chaos Ogre with Great Weapon = liquid awesome...

8/30/2010: Update of the update. I have the Warhounds done and another rank of Halberds too. This leaves 6 more Halberds to clean up and glue on. yay! I also started cleaning the Warriors for the Warshrine.

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