Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I've got movement!

I can't lock it down!

Well, I can actually and I did.


Over on Warseer I's asked a question about movement trays and they asked me to post a tutorial on how I was going to make mine. So I've done just that. Here we go.

Movement trays are pretty simple to make. I use 2mm thick sheet Styrene. It's probably a bit thicker than I need but I want to be sure they are sturdy enough that there wont be any messups when I'm moving my units around.

Cut your styrene to the desired size. Make sure you add 4mm to each side to account for the trimming.

For trim I use 2mm by 4mm strips. You can buy them from your local hobby shop.

Start with the front facing first. tack one end down with glue and then slowly work your way to the other end. You want to make sure the 2mm side is glued to the top of the tray bottom. Once you have the front done, do a side.

Then the other side. I only do 3 sides though you can do all 4 if you want. Just make sure that the side fit within the front and back strips.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Trim even and you are good to go! Thats it!


  1. Nice Tutorial.
    Simple and to the point.

    Well done.

  2. Thanks. I didnt cover magnetizing them. I'l do that later on when I get aroudn to it. Wont have time...