Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some Assembly Aquired

I've taken on a few assembly projects to keep myself busy and to change things up from all the Rhinos I myself have to put together. After putting together my own Chaos Lord on Manticore, I wanted to do another one; luckily my friend hadnt yet assembled his. I've also got his Chimera kit as well.

Speaking of which, here is said Chimera! All told it's taken me about 4 hours or so to assemble. Its a much simpler kit than the Manticore, being only the one sprue. Unfortunately it only comes with the one tail option (Fiend Tail), despite the two options available in Storm of Magic... Can't wait to see how my friend paints it.

Subassemblies! only 11 once they are all together.

Step 1: Torso

Step 2: Left Arm
Step 3: Right Arm

Step 4: Dragon Head

Step 5: Left Head
Step 6: Right head

Step 7: Right Leg
Step 8: Left Leg

Step 9: Slottabase?! WTF?!
Step 10: Right Wing
Step 11: Left Wing

With the right glue, the wings blend right into the body nicely
Step 12: Tail
Wish I had attached this before legs as it is a tight fit

I'm a Monster! RAWR!

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  1. That was Great.
    I look forward to seeing it in real life...

    I am also looking forward to seeing the Manticore all done up!