Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Walk down past Memory Lane

I've been cleaning out some of my Closet of Shame. I found some more goodies.

First up, my first two Space Marines I ever painted. These are all that's left of my original Rogue Trader era army. The 60+ plastic Beakies I used to have got melted into twisted junk during a road trip back from a Tournament in Richmond, VA. Not only did I lose my first game to Dave Brockie of GWAR, but I lost my whole army that day too... Seems kind of fitting lol

A Medic (Not called Apothecary yet)  and a Communications Officer

I also farted around with the idea of starting an Eldar army at one point. This was my first Warlock. Back then, they could have Power Fists, so I did one of my first conversions. Turned out nicely.

This proves my Love affair with Phoenix Guard and High Elves goes all the way back to 4th Edition WFB. This is the only miniature that remains from that army... When 5th rolled around I got really disheartened with WFB at the time and made a trade with someone... I got seriously shafted... It still burns... Oh well.

These are some Chainmail Minis I painted back when the new edition of Chainmail came out. LOVED that version... Was so pissed at WOTC for dropping the game like a hot potato and started putting out the schlock that was their craptastic pre-paints... No... not bitter at all lol!

These are some random painted miniatures I did. the fellow in blue was my first attempt at wet blending. Blues and Greens are colors I seem to be able to do well.


  1. WOW that is some classic stuff. It makes me feel really old that I have trouble thinking of chainmail minis as old even though the line went away more than a decade ago. :(