Thursday, April 25, 2013

Next Commission Project: Magnetized Tyrant

Started work finally on the next commission project for a friend of mine.

Fully Magnetized Hive Tyrant/Swarm Lord/Flyrant.

While this is not a hard build, the complexity of it is making it take a bit longer than expected. I'm probably looking to be using nearly 30 magnets in total. Every option will be available to this kit, so well worth the effort (and cost) to do. It will still come out cheaper than buying 3 GW kits...

Next will come the wings. Holes are pre-drilled, but getting them to align could be tricky... We shall see how it goes after a short break.


  1. You're clearly further along the road in magnet experience than I but if it's of any value here's my attempt to magnetize my Tyrant with Magnetix bits [not the fit-for-purpose magnets you use ;) ]

  2. Thanks Dwez, I actually saw your blog post about it last when I was doing my preliminary research. I dug pretty deep in google search before I started this project. Good stuff, thanks.

    You are definitely using a larger size than I am, so my concern is magnetic strength. I am using N52's, which is the strongest I've found for the size I am using so hopefully it will hold. The Wings are my biggest concern, I should know in a few hours how it works.

    I've gone a little Magnet Crazy in the past. I've done a lot of my Space Marine vehicles (Both LRs, Both Speeders, Pred, Whirlwind), and I've even fully magnetized a few WFB Manticores. This Tyrant though, definitely takes the cake as far as complexity and the amount of magnets used.

  3. I followed your link from the Robotech KS. Thanks.
    I am interested in the final product and where you placed each magnet, size and so forth. I found a good tutorial online for a Tyrant/Flying Tyrant, but everyone has their own ideas.

    Checkout my stuff I have placed magnets in and hopefully you can offer some tips for me in the future.