Thursday, July 5, 2012

A new Direction, a new Plan

Well, 40k 6e is upon us. New edtion means new a starter set and new codex releases. This time around the starter set will feature Dark Angels vrs Chaos Marines and Cultists. New host of miniatures to play with! Luckily both codexes will be be out by the end of the year or so. A perfect oportunity to get back into 40k with a new start.

A new start on two fronts for me. I definitely plan to get  one new starter set, maybe two depending on how things look at release. This will be a lot of new miniatures and I am not going to let them go to waste this time.

What does this mean? It means that I'll be starting a Chaos army for one, and it means that I have finally made a decision on a chapter and color scheme. I'm rolling Dark Angels!

Why Dark Angels? Well, mainly because it is going to be a super simple paint scheme for me. My plan is to start painting the currently assembled army I have and have it done (or mostly done) before the next School Quarter starts in September. That gives me 10 weeks. Assembly is already done. All I need to do is start painting... Not an easy proposition, ut, I will be cutting down on the labor quite a bit for I have found a solution.. Army Painter.

Army Painter has had a line of colored primers for quite some time. Which is a really cool idea by the way. They took it a step further with their recently released Warpaints line of paints. These paints match 100% with their Color Primers. This means all I need to buy is a couple of cans of Angel Green Color Primer, a few bottles of Angel Green paint to touch up, a bottle of Greenskin paint for drybrush highlights and I'm done! I've got really good cream and bone colors with the P3 paints I own so I'll be able to do robes and terminators just fine without any new purchases.

Now, since my current army is based off the Vanilla Codex, I am planning to continue to use it thus until the new Dark Angels codex is released. This way I can continue to use my Redeemer and Storm Talon. Since I am not doing strictly Deathwing or Ravenwing armies, the current DA codex really doesnt do anything for me anyay.

So, this is my plan... This is my goal... I just need to stick with it! This means I could use any and all encouragement and motivation you all are willing to provide!


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