Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm not dead yet!

So, I think I got my blog back... My gmail got hacked a while back and had to have it deleted... Evidently during that time there was a bit of a delay before I got control over the blog... It seems to be working know.

Well, since the last post back in August of last year or so, I've not done much of nothing... Star Wars the Old Republic happened... so yeah...

I did buy a Stormtalon, I'll try to take some pictures of it soon. I havent really magnetized it though... I still can as a few things are just lightly tacked down... wont be hard to do. I am probably going to bits extra side sponsons so I can use all the weapons.

I also tentively started assembly on my Marauders with Great Weapons... I need to get them situated on their bases and then snap some pics. I'll try to get all this posted this week.

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