Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A new Edition requires a new Army List!

So, here we are with WFB 8th Edition out within just a few days. Time for me to decide on an army to build and a List to finalize. I think one of my most daunting tasks when it comes to any minis game is army list building... There are so many pretty choices... I don't deal well with choices...  I don't know where to begin and when to stop... This is probably the second thing about the hobby I find really frustrating...

I've been talking to a friend of mine and I've finally decided that I'll get my Warriors of Chaos army off the ground. That part was easy. I've been hemming and hawing since I got these minis what I was going to do with them. The new Warriors of Chaos book goes a little against my grain with its emphasis on Chaos Undivided and the ability to take a ton of things from all the Chaos Gods equally... As a long time follower of the Warhammer universe, this kind of goes against the grain of what I've known for the last 10+ years... The 4 chaos gods don't work well together or downright hate one another and to me that's still part of how I see it. So, a Mono list is definitely the only way I can go...

Originally I was contemplating going with an all Khorne army but that's just not where my heart is. Honestly, I've been a HUGE Nurgle fan for as long as I can remember. The only problem though was all the paint schemes and modeling makes Nurgle armies all bloated and filthy with disease and rot... That's great, really part and parcel with the fluff for Nurgle (God of Pestilence after all) but just doesnt float my boat... I don't see any reason why this has to be the way I do it... Half the hobby is making your army your own. So that's what I'm going to do, make it my own. A Nurgle Army for a Cleaner Tomorrow!

So there we have it. A mono-Nurgle Warriors of Chaos Army. And now comes the hard parts... What to take... I've never been one for "uber" or "competitive" lists. I prefer to take things I like and enjoy and looks good on the battlefield, not whats going to win the game by second turn (where's the fun in that, right?).

 For WoC, that means Warriors of Chaos. I really love the looks of these guys. They look so cool in a big block. These are going to have to be the core of my army. Now, most people will balk when I say this.... But as a true follower of Nurgle I need to bide by his Sacred Number of 7... So this means all units in my army must be divisible by 7... Yes, I know this is going to be expensive and probably wont win me many battles... But hey.... It's my army.... Hopefully by following the true tenants of Nurgle the dice will roll in my favor at least a few times, right? Luckily I've got two of these units mostly built already. Just need to build 6 more guys.

Warriors of Chaos x21 (7x3) 396pts

-Mark of Nurgle
- Full Command

Now my least favorite models in the army.... Marauders... Yeah, they are a lot better than the older models but these are a real pain in the arse to assemble... And unfortunately I've only assembled two... I think the other reason I dislike them so much is they remind me of Mr Slave from South Park.... Wish they looked more like Norse Vikings than Leather Bondage freaks... But oh well... If and when they ever get an update I'll trade these guys out... Now, with 8th Edition and the new Horde rules were going to be seeing a lot of massed blocks of cheap troops on the field. Marauders are out cheapest troop type so they are the best candidate to be a horde... Though with my army decisions that would mean a unit of 70 models... I think that would drive me insane... Though the thought of 70 (10x7) Marauders with Great Weapons... I think I still like my sanity more lol! I think I'll stick with what I have, two units of 28 (7x4).

Chaos Marauders x28 (7x4) 218pts

-Mark of Nurgle
-Light Armor

I need some Chaos Warhounds for screening and flanking and just being a nuisance. Since they cant have Mark of Nurgle I'll give them Poisoned Attacks to make them fluffy.... (get it... fluffy... haha?)

Chaos Warhounds x14 (7x2) 126pts

-Poisoned Attacks

For CORE we're looking at the following:

2 units of Warriors of Chaos (7x3) for 792pts
2 units of Marauders (7x4) for 436pts
2 units of Warhounds (7x2) for 252pts

Total: 1480pts For a 3000pt army, this is nearly 50% in Core units.

So, My second love for WoC models are the new plastic Chaos Knights. This new kit is AWESOME! I traded the old metal Knights for a box of new plastics. SOOO worth it... I've only got the 5 so not big enough right now for the full 14 I want.. I only need two more sets and they are one of the cheapest kits in the range at only $25 (for now anyway). Not to hard to accomplish.

Chaos Knights x14 640pts

-Mark of Nurgle
-Full Command

So thats 640pts for Specials.

Lastly I want a Chaos Warshrine, mainly because I want to take one of those Plague Carts and convert one. It should be nice and gribbly enough for a Nurgle Warshrine. I dont own one yet, but I will soon.

Chaos Warshrine 160pts

-Mark of Nurgle

All this for a grand total of 2280pts (if my math is right). Unfortunately this only leaves 720 points for Lords and Heroes... More on that later I think.

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