Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adventures in OCD. or better known as "What I've already got done"

Lets talk miniatures.
Ok... I've got problems. I have some OCD tendencies that make assembling and painting minis rather frustrating.... Its not so bad in the assembly department but watch out when I start painting... I start to twitch... Things have to be just right... arms have to be popped off so every inch of the model is properly painted... makes for a very LONG process of which I get frustrated easily and quit after only a short time...

So I've got this Warriors of Chaos army that I started not long after WFB7e came out... I got 36 Warriors all assembled and set up on their bases. They are set up in two units of 18 with each rank and file meticulously placed on its base so that they fit exactly without bumping into each other. I've even numbered the underside of each base for which order they go into the unit.

Once I had those done I started building the Marauders... I built two and stopped... Oh the frustrations... They suck... It didn't help that I was super sick at the time and popping narcotics like candy (12 a day) for pain management... Still, I'm not really looking forward to going back to them...

With 8e looming large I've gotten back into it again. I really want to play again damn it! So here we are.... I got out my Warriors, washed the 2 years of dust off and then primed them white. I need to increase each unit by 3 more to bring them to two units of 21 each and I've got the 6 extras already mounted to their bases, still needs heads and arms. I also chose a color scheme too. Here are some pictures! PROOF!

A close up on the color scheme (work in progress)

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