Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lothern Sea Guard High Elf Army

The last couple of weeks have had me busy. I decided to assemble my High Elf army up to a playable state while I work on painting my Warriors of Chaos.

As of these pictures, I still have the crew of the Skycutter to assemble, and 20 White Lions. I'll take another series of group shots when the army is complete.

2 Boltthrowers, and two Reaver Knight Units

20 Phoenix Guard and 21 Swordmasters

My big block of 30 Lothern Sea Guard. Its the Archmage and BSB bus

BSB. Using the Sea Helm model since it fits with the army Theme. Is just a Noble

BSB and Archmage

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  1. is the bsb a conversion?if so what bits did you use?