Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Adventures in the East Mark


I don’t normally plug games, but I wanted to let everyone know about this Kickstarter for a game called Adventures in the East Mark. The Kickstart is for an English translation of the original game from Spain. The rules are based off of the Mentzer Basic D&D set from 1983 (Elmore cover Red Box), but with some added classes, levels capped at 20 (instead of 14), and some other changes. Unlike the plethora of other Retroclones on the market right now, the production values are through the roof. The art is just gorgeous, and rivals most RPGs currently on the market (The One Ring, Pathfinder, 4e).

As I said, this Kickstart is for an English Translation and will be done as a box set with book, GM screen (thin cardstock for now), Dice and a pencil. All this for $30 for the Black and White printing, and $60 for the full color Collector’s Edition. They are going for the Old School vibe with the dice not just the cover of the box. The Dice will be Game Science Precision Opaque’s with a white crayon.

The one thing that stood out for me the most and illustrates the love the people behind the Kickstart project have for the game and the setting. The Kickstart project is not for profit. The $30 and $60 is basically at cost for them to produce and get it on the market. I’ve backed the project at the $60 level as I want to be able to enjoy the art in color. I think a project like this is worth funding and I’ve done my part. I hope this peaks your interest as well.

Here is more of the art from the game. These are the covers of the other 3 box sets released in Spain. The last piece is for an upcoming module. If you notice, they are all connected by the characters.


  1. A very pretty game, Nice art. How much you in for?

  2. $128. This gets me in at the Hero level. I'll be naming one of the Sample Pre-gens that will be in the Quickstart Guide. I'll also be getting the Exclusive Module in Print. Well worth it, and I help support a game that I'm really excited about.